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Finally! Angry Kenyan Men Come To The Defense Of Eunice Njeri’s Hubby…Ex-hubby

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Super pissed, is the best description. Kenyan men are indeed very angry on one of their own being dumped like rotten eggs. #teamIzzoDamu trends on, as they have taken sides to defend their own. This comes in after Eunice Njeri dumped her hubby a few hours after walking down the aisle and exchanging vows before man and God.

Here are the full details;

There have been varied reactions to the announcement of the annulment of the marriage between Eunice and Izzo. There is #TeamEuniceNjeri who are backing her up, liwelwalo. In the blue corner stand the Kenyan men. They are not happy.

Here are some of the interesting comments, advice and opinions about the issue.

I like that he’s not ranting all over social media. It tells alot.

If you need any kind of support men we are here , we are on your back , with much much love . I am a man i know how it feels , I was about to marry someday I don’t regret it I always thank God the girl was carrying a priests baby ! It got that ugly at the last minutes.

Honestly bro I saw this coming, she was never meant for you, the whole thing happened very fast but God is a God of order, He has plans from when we were conceived. He plans the best for His people and terminates the worst. He has both of you on mind. If you trip, or even fall down…don’t stay down…dust off and March on.

I know IZZO you are a believer but it won’t hurt to see a professional counsellor. You do not need to explain yourself. As you said, God knows what happened and He is in control.” If you lonce something, set it Free. If it comes back it is yours. If it does not come back, it was never meant to be yours”

She wanted a quick rushed wedding the poor boy granted it to her! What else did she want? His head? You think you are a celebrity so you have the right to dictate men to be your servant, my dear Only God will be worshipped not a human being my dear. The poor boy worked hard like crazy to get everything needed.

No need to say anything. The fire of God is touching her and she started to confess. You guys were already husband and wife in God eyes. She need to tell her fans that is divorcing you. No need for her to give excuses.
Silence is all we wanna hear at least from your side.. concentrate with what God is doing in your life the rest God will fix…

credits: mpasho.co.ke


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