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Al Shabaab deny stealing BVR kits in Lafey, Mandera

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The Somali terror group Al-Shabaab has denied claims that it stole a biometric voter registration (BVR) kit during Thursday’s attack on a police camp in Mandera County.

In a statement through its radio and on its website Sunday. “The Mujahideen termed false the claims of the Kenyan Government that some of the things we have seized include some of the election equipment known as BVR.Mujahideen say those equipment were not part of the spoils seized,” says part of the statement as published in the Daily Nation.

This is contrary to what Lafey deputy county commissioner Eric Oronyi said following the attack, that al Shabaab stole 4 BVR kits being used in the ongoing voter registration, a police land cruiser, several guns and ammunition.

The Kenya Defense Forces and police units in Arabia have been hunting down the attackers since the attack happened

This claims by the al Shabaab put a new twist to the saga at hand and questions will now arise as to where the BVR kits are, or if indeed they were not stolen in the raid. This comes even as questions are being asked especially by the Opposition on the ongoing mass voter registration amid rigging claims.

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