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Politics spoil Margaret Kenyatta’s Beyond Zero marathon- Led to Cancellation of the event

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Kenyans on Twitter (KOT), have lauded Margaret Kenyatta’s decision to scrap the First Lady Half Marathon.

According to the First Lady, this year’s event would not be taking place to avoid “politicising the agenda”.

Thanking Kenyans as well as other well wishers who have backed her cause during the previous years, Margaret added that the marathon will continue in 2018.

“We have done more together than I imagined possible. We have run marathons and raised enough money to purchase 47 fully equipped mobile clinics delivered to every single County in Kenya,” read part of the statement.

Twitter had been abuzz with the #BeyondZeroBoycott hashtag as many criticised the First Lady for holding the marathon amid the health crisis.

Many interpreted the cancellation as a show of power of social media activism.

Wandia Njoya tweeted: “#BeyondZero I praise all the ordinary Kenyans who used 140 characters to speak out about the marathon, and got told they’re haters.”

Magunga said, “… never ever tell me social media activism is useless. #BeyondZero.”

But others criticised the First Lady’s statement for failing to address the doctor’s strike, now in its 62nd day.

“No enlightened Kenyan would run the #BeyondZero marathon. The whole stunt is a mockery to our public healthcare sytem! #BoycottBeyondZero,” Elijah Tei Matolo said.

The Northerner asked, “Has the @FirstLadyKenya and her Zero thing ever read #MyBadDoctorExperience? If she did she’d run for the doctors.”

Through her statement, Margaret Kenyatta expressed regret adding that she had hoped to run yet another marathon – a Gratitude Marathon.

“However, I have never been willing to politicise this agenda. As a consequence I feel it necessary to cancel the First Lady’s Half Marathon this year,” she said.



Margaret Kenyatta_Uhuru

Uhuru and Margaret at a past marathon


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