Drama unfolds!! Photos of Akothee Kissing a 21-year-old man emerge,then she involves the police (photo)

Akothee makes headlines yet again. Photos making rounds in social media show the Kenyan musician kissing a 21 or rather 22 year old man.

The singer who is now based in Nairobi used to live in Mombasa a few years ago and this is where she met her man, Brown Mauzo. At that time Akothee was still involved with her Swiss boyfriend meaning she could have been having an affair with the young lad as she was seen smooching him.

Akothee and Brown Mauzo

The photo came with allegations that Akothee was keeping a toy-boy- a young man who is kept by an older woman for earthly pleasures.

This issue has however brought distress to the singer who got her security detailed involved after Mpasho confirmed they were still going to publish the story since she was refusing to pick their call.

However, a man who claims to be the singer’s head of security detail called to intimidate the blogger saying that they would face the consequences of publishing the story.

” Go ahead and write the story because you want cheap publicity and money but be ready to deal with the consequences of the article,” the officer told the tabloid.

The photo shows Akothee stuck in a kiss with singer Brown Mauzo who reportedly had a fling with Akothee in 2015.

Brown Mauzo with his Akothee...wait I mean Apotee cap

In the same year, Akothee was also dating her swiss boyfriend with who she had organised a wedding slated for November 2016.

In the same year 2016, there were claims that Akothee was dating Kenyan high fashion model Tony Tito Mutua.

Mutua has appeared in countless International Fashionweeks around the world and in Magazines(high fashionmagazines)such as Vogue Italia,L’UOMO, Vogue, L’officiel among others.

The model who is in his twenties owns houses in Switzerland and Germany and has been photographed severally getting cozy with Akothee.

Credits: mpasho.co.ke



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