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Tanzanian Tour guide records apology video after fake translations of tourist’s comments- ‘We were just having fun’

The video of the Tanzanian Tour guide who was filmed mistranslating the words a tourist, went viral in the social media on its release. The video brought mixed reactions from netizens and news outlets, with ealier reports stating that the guide was charged in court for defaming his country and giving false information about its people.

Now that your updated with the events that occured, The Tanzaninan Tour Guide has issued a somber apology for wrongly translating the visitor’s comments. In a new video shared on Facebook, the Tour guide now known as Simon, appeared with the same female tourist, offering words of apology about their jokes, saying that they were misunderstood.

In the initial video, the tour guide claimed that the tourist said she wanted Tanzanians to stop complaining about hunger and that they should boil their clothes and eat them.

But in a new video, the Tour guide condemned the manner in which the video was shared on social media, saying that it has jeopardize his reputation as a professional tour guide.

Confirming the initial incidence, the female tourist said, she and Simon were just “having fun.”




Courtesy of Rouzie Kirwa Click Here

Here is an excerpt of the apology video:

“Hi again!  Part two of our video, um… We were just playing around doing a little joke, Simon was being a comedian and we were just doing a little joke on Facebook. So… thanks and it was just a joke, “she said while the tour guide nodded for ‘yes’.

When it was Simon’s turn to speak, he said they were out ‘to clear the air’ on ‘fake translation’ of tourist’s comments that landed him in hot water.

“Just the way you know it in the initial video, I have been a tour guide for ten years,” he said in Swahili.

“I cannot tolerate any bad talk against my country, whoever downloaded the video from my Facebook account then shared it on whatsup group did not do the right thing.”

 “The video was just a comedy, it was for fun, and I know there are people who are offended by this video.

“It was not my intention to hurt anyone, I apologize to my fans and followers, continue receiving entertainment, but just note my offensive jokes were misunderstood. Thank you,” he concluded.




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