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JustIn-Court detains suspects found with Ksh18m, 17kgs of heroin

Heroin nabbed in Mombasa

The War on Drugs is leaving no stone un-turned, with the latest news being the arrest and detaining of the ten suspects found in possession of 17 Kilograms of heroin and Ksh18 million in cash.

A Mombasa court has ordered ten suspects nabbed in possession of 17 kilograms of heroin and Ksh18 million cash to be detained for five days as police conduct investigations.

The ten suspects, including a female university student pursuing a law degree and a Tanzanian man, will be presented again before Shanzu Magistrate Diana Mochache on February 21, 2017 to answer drug trafficking and money laundering charges.

The war against drugs at the Kenyan coast has garnered momentum with Muslim cleric Sheikh Mohammed Khalifa commending the government’s renewed vigour to exterminate the narcotics menace at the coast region.

Sheikh Khalifa urged the government to emulate Asian countries that have brutal laws to deal with narcotics.

“Philippines punishes drug trafficking by dropping culprits from helicopters, in Saudi Arabia they are beheaded and Pakistan punishes the offence severely. South American countries have even tougher laws because they have seen the dangers of drugs,” said Khalifa.

Coast region Coordinator Nelson Marwa has given a stern warning to accomplices in the drug business that are still at large saying that their days are numbered.

“I’m just warning those of you who are chest thumping that your day is surely coming,” said Marwa.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto on their numerous trips to the coast have reiterated government’s commitment to eradicating drugs in the coastal region.

Source: Citizen


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