Absolutely Heartbreaking!-Man finds out son he’s raised for 32 years isn’t his

The Jeremy Kyle Show latest episode featured yesterday, 14th February, was brutal, agonizing and absolutely heartbreaking. The show featured how a father discovered his 32-year old son was not actually his.

Oscar went on to Jeremy Kyle with his son Valentine to find out if the pair were related


The son, called Valentine, heard a shocking revelation from his mother, who confessed to him a month ago that it was possible Oscar may not actually be his biological father. So they both decided to come to Jeremy Kyle’s program.

Valentine sat quietly once the results were read out, appearing to be speechless


Both men are from Nigeria, but Oscar had gone to England when Valentine was very small, and then decided to make many sacrifices to bring him over, in order to give him an education.

Both Oscar and Valentine decided to submit to DNA tests. With the results in hand, Jeremy broke out the terrible truth to the father: Valentine was definitely not his!!

Oscar’s reaction was extremely poignant. He burst into tears, and quietly started sobbing with strange sounds.

But in the shocking episode, Oscar is seen wailing as he finds out there was a zero per cent chance of the two being father and son

This The Jeremy Kyle Show episode has been described by viewers as the one with the “saddest ending ever”. They turned to Twitter to pour out hundreds of messages of support.

Oscar paid for Valentine to come over to England from Nigeria, and 'put him through school' here in Britain

“Being a dad isn’t about being blood-related. It takes a man to look after a kid. Nothing can break that bond,” Jeremy told the wailing father, trying to console him.

Here is a sample of the tweets:


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