Drama!! Risper Faith’s Fiancé Caught Cheating With POPULAR Socialite Weeks After Their Engagement (VIDEO)

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Risper Faith, Kenyan socialite; did quite make tongues wag in January this year after her boyfriend and Nairobi Diaries cast mate – Brian – went down on one knee asking her to marry him.

The heavily endowed reality TV actress later put up a post on her social media pages which showed her wearing the swanky ring around her finger and announced that she said YES.


Since then, the couple has been seen engaging in public display of affection, wearing matching clothes, going on dates and all that mushy stuff. #couplegoals

Actually, most of us were expecting them to tie the knot pretty soon – seeing how well their relationship is doing. But apparently, all is not as rosy as we have been made to believe.

In an interview with Mpasho, Mishi Dorah, who also features in Nairobi Diaries, revealed that Brian has been flirting with her adding that he once visited her house at night.

But that’s not. Apparently, Brian has also been confiding in Mishi Dorah telling her that he’s not in his relationship with Risper Faith, and there’s evidence to back this up.

She showed this writer some of the text messages that he has been sending to her as late as 11 o’clock in the night.

In one of the text messages, Brian says: “I am stressed and ain’t happy in my relationship with her. Don’t see me as a fisi.” He said that he was confiding in her because he likes her.

Here’s the video Courtesy of Mpasho:


Source: Mpasho


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