Eunice Njeri Breaks Her Silence About Her 1 Day Marriage: Equates Her Story To That of Biblical Esther’s! (VIDEO)

The story about how Eunice Njeri ditched her husband after only one day of marriage is well worn by now.


It started with a whirlwind romance and then was promptly followed with an engagement announcement then the day of the wedding arrived only to end in an annulment.

Eunice Njeri announced the annulment on social media, while her husband kept as quiet as a church mouse. And after alot of things were said and done, Izzoh Raps, Eunice Njeri’s former husband broke his silence.

I am actually confused as to how to address him given an annulment actually means the marriage never happened. Anyway, he broke his silence but didn’t have much to say besides it was all God’s work and plans, his time is best.

But Kenyan’s on the other hand had alot to say on the matter and twitter was taken by a storm, here is what Kenyan’s on Twitter (#KOT) had to say:

Finally! Angry Kenyan Men Come To The Defense Of Eunice Njeri’s Hubby…Ex-hubby

Anyway, she broke her silence and when she did, I watched the video and had so many face-palm moments that I just couldn’t!
She started by telling the story of Esther whom she pointed out was married to a king and when said king wanted to marry her, he offered her half his kingdom.

And then she went on to give the part of the story where Esther saved her community through her ties. At this point, I switched off. And like most of her fans, I have to ask,


Anyway, watch what she had to say about the marriage:


Could Eunice Njeri’s ‘Fake Wedding’ Lead To Immigration Fraud Investigations? Here Is The TRUTH

Source: Mpasho



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