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theDrama Gones on! Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dorah badly shames Risper Faith, reveals how desperate she is to get pregnant

Apparently Risper Faith can’t get pregnant conversationally, Mishi Dora has revealed the bumful socialite is so desperate to conceive for her boyfriend that she has resorted to using traditional herbs.

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Risper Faith and Mishi Dora have been airing their dirty linen in public ever since they fell out on cast. The two socialites got physical on Nairobi Diaries season 5 episode 2.

Risper yesterday went HAM on Mishi Dora claiming that she was forcing her boyfriend Brian Muiruri to help her become relevant on the show.

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Last night it was Mishi Dora’s turn to expose her nemesis, she posted WhatsApp screenshots of Risper’s conversation with Bridget. Risper Faith was inquiring about traditional herbs that could help her get pregnant.

“Bring your bumpy ass here now .. mummy is here… madam double decker.. I thought you said yesterday that all you need is Brian’s sperm in order to get pg.. smh… all the best….just kindly step on your breaks when it comes to my kids… or I’ll turn you upside down.. I don’t just bark. I bite honey lady Risper this is just the beginning….meanwhile I’ll be here sipping my tea as I wait for your live video tonight ….. I’m so tuned in tonight…You better not just keep us waiting there ooooh… This is just a taste of what is in my possession…ION.. I don’t always lose my battles easily… so I’ll see this to the end…” Mishi Dora captioned the screenshots she posted.

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