Willy Paul’s Latest Song With Alaine BREAKS Kenyan YouTube Record (Video)

Alaine and Willy Paul took people for a ride with their colorful fake wedding which became a talk of the nation.

The whole wedding thing was meant to give their new song traction before they finally released it yesterday March 1st.

And their trick has worked wonders, Alaine and Willy Paul have achieved what they wanted when they lied to Kenyans.

Willy Paul’s latest single dubbed “I Do” featuring Jamaican reggae singer Alaine has broken the Kenyan YouTube record for amassing the most views in one day.

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‘I Do’ garnered over 200k views on YouTube in 24 hours since it was uploaded yesterday noon. Willy Paul and Alaine are celebrating their accomplishment.

Willy Paul, who reffered to himself as the “King of YouTube Views” in a past interview, has a tendency of releasing a new song after Bahati.

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In November last year, he debuted “Tiga Wana” featuring Size 8 exactly a week after Bahati released “Maria”.

As it stands, “Tiga Wana” has amassed over a million views on YouTube while “Maria” is still struggling at 242,000 views.

“24hrs my baby and I just hit 200k views on youtube.. @alainesinga .. Godsspeed” Willy Paul wrote.


This fake wedding trick has proved to work despite some people objecting it because of various reasons.

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Mr. Seed and Bahati  dropped ‘Kumbe Kumbe’ last week and so far it has only managed to garner 100k views on YouTube. Perhaps the views would have been 1 million if they did a fake wedding.

Watch ‘I Do’ below:


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