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Meet Kanyari’s Sister, She’s quite the raunchy lass?!

Controversial pastor Victor Kanyari’s sister Wahu is at it again. Doing what she loves most; showing off her sexy body.



The daughter of self-proclaimed prophetess Lucy Nduta of Salvation Healing Ministry has been grabbing headlines of late not for spreading the word or conning innocent Christians like her elder brother Kanyari, but because of her lifestyle.

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This lass is living her life to the fullest. From flaunting her family’s wealth to sharing pics of herself partying hard with friends to flaunting her petite figure, Wahu has always left girls of her age envying her.

Well, despite coming from a Christian family, Kanyari’s sister does not live according to the bible teachings as most children raised in religious families do. Yeye hapana tambua! Nowadays children from religious families do not abide by the teachings. While their parents preach about positive things, they do the opposite but who is to blame? Anyway kila nyani na starehe zake.

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The lass has decided to give Team Mafisi the best view of her flawless body and here are some of her latest photos, kula kwa macho



2 comments on “Meet Kanyari’s Sister, She’s quite the raunchy lass?!

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