Hollywood actor Will Smith & Family in Tanzania

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In tow with his family, The Fresh Prince of Belair arrived in Tanzania yesterday where he took the chance to engage with his fans. The American actor, comedian, producer, rapper, and songwriter was on Monday spotted in Tanzania accompanied by his wife Jada  Pinkett Smith.

After his arrival at the Kilimanjaro airport he took photos with workers who could not hide their excitement. It remains unclear for how long he will be touring the East African country with his next destination yet to be disclosed.

Kilimanjaro Kempinski where he got a good sight of the famous Kilimanjaro mountain.

According to online sources Will Smith is on a short holiday break to Africa where he had visited Egypt on Sunday. They paid a visit to the Giza Plateau where they met renowned archaeologist Zahi Hawass, who guided the family on a tour around the Sphinx and inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

Using his private plane on his African tour, his trip started in Morocco before heading out to Egypt on Sunday evening.

The actor’s visit is said to be managed by Luxury tour company, Micato Safaris although it is not yet clear how long the celebrity couple will be in Africa. This is after the two visited Egypt where he visited Bagamoyo a world heritage and distributed tents to the local hospitals.

It will be well remembered that Smith jetted to Kenya first and immediately made his way to Wilson airport where he took a plane and headed to Tanzania.

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