Drama as Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto confront each other on social media!

It is no secret that Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto don’t get along and their beef seems to be growing each passing day. Apparently Zari Hassan recently posted asking the person who left her cheap earrings at her boyfriend’s, Diamond Platnumz house to go get them.

Social media users together with fans of Hamisa Mobetto saw this as an attack to the video vixen and as expected the drama had to go down as the model went ahead to respond to what Zari had written. During an interview Hamisa responded to the allegations saying,

“When mama Tiffah alipolipuka hakusema earrings ni za kwangu…at least angesema kwamba Hamisa come get your earrings. But no, alisema whiever left your earrings come and get them. I can say those were not my earrings.”

Many believe that the earrings were left during the time when Hamisa and Diamond Platnumz were working on Salome late last year.  Anyway, Hamisa went on to add that Zari’s insecurities towards her were useless since Diamond Platnumz is a mature person who can decide who he wishes to be with at any given time.

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Hamisa with Diamond Platnumz sister and mum

“Diamond ni mtu mzima mwenye akili zake na ana uwezo na upeo wa kuchagua mwanamke ambaye yeye anahitaji sio kwa sababu mzazi wake amwambie m-date huyu.”

The mother of one went on to add that she is not Zari’s enemy nor is she her friend as the two have never hanged out before.

“me and Zaru hatujawahi kuwa marafiki. Mimi nilimjua Zari kwa sababu kazaa na Diamond. Hatujawai kukaa na kuonekana pamoja. We are not enemies. Hakuna uhusiano”

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Source: Ghafla


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