TABIA GANI HIZI?! Fans Criticize Eric Omondi’s Girlfriend For ‘MISTREATING’ Hungry Animals At Popular National Park (VIDEO)

Kenyans on social media clearly don’t care about peoples status (famous,rich) as they can savagely attack them online once they show their true colors. This was seen after Eric Omondi’s fiance, Chantel was caught on camera teasing monkeys.

The video shared by Eric Omondi raised mixed reaction on social media as his followers left ruthless comments calling out the lady for her inhuman actions.

Here’s the story. The former Churchill Show comedian visited a park with his sexy girlfriend who goes by the name Chantal Grazioli.

As is the norm, the lovers took videos which showed them having the time of their lives at the park and shared them on social media.

However, one video in particular left a handful of social media users vexed as it showed Chantal pretending that she was feeding a baboon.

She is seen waving a banana at the animal which could not get to it because of the barrier that was between them.

Some went on to say that the lady is a good example that shows how the human race is evil. Others wished death on the lass for being mean towards the innocent animals that looked helpless as they tried to take the banana she was teasing them with.

Though this was just meant for fun not many were impressed with her actions as they went ahead to say,

samir_princeI: would prefer doing it to you than the innocent animal 😬😬😬😬

vincentbugozi:The human race is evil #proof

dunkahiga:This is rude… Sheme om you @ericomondi for taking such an act as a joke. I am dissaponted in you. Now ur girlfriend does not seem beautiful at all with such a heart.

kawaiixboca: This is so mean

brei_toto:Umewatesha uwapee


jeane_bra_ita:Che cretina sei😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

pat_mwas: Na vile anacheka kama nugu she is very heartless na ata wewe eric atakufanyia ivo akipatana na fred
pia_kaz_She should die

checkout the video below:


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