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Happy Mother’s Day 2017


You are a dependable source of comfort; You are my cushion  when i fall, You help in times of trouble You support me when i call.

I love you more than you know, You have my total respect, If I had a choice of mothers, You’d the one i select.

The significance and contribution of a mother in our lives cannot be fathomed. Not only do they bring us into this world but most of the time, also face extreme hardships to raise us the way they do. Every year the second Sunday of May is dedicated to these selfless souls.

Mother’s Day intends to celebrate their contribution and countless sacrifices. It’s that day of the year when moms are supposed to be pampered, and acknowledged for their presence in our lives.

You are the greatest gift from the heavens mother, filled with love and care

Your smile brightens each day just as the morning rays shines on the hills and it’s with doubt that this gives us the courage to face the new day with joy.

You are my strength, you are fire, you are love… Happy Mother’s Day you and to all Mothers out there👑



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