It’s Official MC Jessy confirms he is dating Shix Kapienga

MC Jessy has been under public scrutiny ever since news emerged that he was cheating on his wife with Shix Kapienga. The Churchill Show comedian has since opened up about the state of affairs.

Several things happened to suggest that there was more than meets the eye in MC Jessy and Shix Kapienga’s relationship.

In a recent interview with Word Is, MC Jessy opened up about his marriage – he revealed that his wife and him decided to take a break in 2012 to try to figure things out.

“We married while the relationship was on the rock. So we sat down and decided to take a break and try to figure things out back in 2012. We are still friends and continue to raise the most beautiful gift I ever received in my life together. That is only possible because we are friends. And because I keep a small circle, only our immediate families know.” MC Jessy said.

The Churchill Show comedian confirmed that he is indeed dating Shix Kapienga. He however made it clear that he DIDN’T leave his wife to be with Shix. Jessy explained that he met Shix after splitting with his wife.

“I met Shix through my work at Hot 96 and Churchill Raw. We started off as friends, just going for the same events and gigs due to work but we started dating later. I pursued her because I felt “si nitafute mtu?” I need to move on because I have been living my life as a separated man. I didn’t leave Nkirote to be with Shix. No! I focused on my business and making Kenyans laugh after getting separated but the heart wants what the heart wants. She’s not a home wrecker as I have seen people alleging. She’s a kind, loving person.”

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Credits: Ghafla Ke


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