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BLING RING! Russian tycoon’s wife shows off 70-carat diamond ring worth Sh937 million

The wife of a Russian oligarch has shown off a super bling 70-carat diamond ring worth about Sh937 million.

Ksenia Tsaritsina, married to businessman Aleksey Shapovalov, revealed photos of the presents he bought her to celebrate their five year marriage anniversary.

The 27-year-old model posted video footage of her new bling on social media, with pictures of the huge piece of jewellery which is estimated to be worth €9 million (around £7.7 million).

Alongside the images she explained that normal jewellery just “wasn’t good enough.”

Ksenia Tsaritsina’s huge diamond ring (Photo: CEN/@ksenia_tsaritsina)
Ksenia Tsaritsina is the wife of Russian businessman Aleksey Shapovalov (Photo: CEN/@ksenia_tsaritsina)

She wrote: “My husband is never too stingy to buy me presents. Now he made a decision that a 30-carat ring is not enough for me.”

The pair spend their time split between their native country Russia and a luxurious life in Dubai, where she is often spotted cruising around in her Bentley car.

She continued: “When it comes to my look, I am a perfectionist.

“This is why after two pregnancies I want to be better than before them, and definitely not worse. I am a model and I know how important it is to stay in shape.

“If you want to stay fit, you can find a lot of reasons to be.

Ksenia Tsaritsina posted pictures of her anniversary gift on social media (Photo: CEN/@ksenia_tsaritsina)
Ksenia Tsaritsina with her partner Aleksey Shapovalov (Photo: CEN/ask.fm)

One said: “She has a body of a goddess. But her face made out of silicone… What do modern men think of?!?”

And Natalia Moya added: “I don’t like the way this diamond looks like. I think it is too large and her finger would get tired to wear it all the time.(sic)”

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Credits: Mirror


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