Minding Her Own Business? Bahati’s Girlfriend Leaves Nairobi After Being ATTACKED For Posing With His Daughter

Gospel singer Bahati has been the talk of the town after he recently unveiled his 2-year-old daughter to the world.

Kevin Kioko is one of the youngest stars in the Kenyan music scene and over the last one year, he has been showing off three kids he claimed he adopted, two girls and a boy named Morgan.

But what his fans never knew is that he has a child with his ex-girlfriend by the name Yvette Obura aka Keysha.

Amekuwa Akimficha Wapi!! Singer Bahati introduces his 2 year old biological daughter that no one knew anything about child (Photos)


Bahati is currently dating model Diana Marua, who is also rumoured to have been with celebrities like Jaguar, footballer Wanyama and even former KTN sports anchor Nick Mudimba.

When Bahati unveiled his daughter, he first started out by thanking Diana Marua and in his post, there was no mention of the baby’s mother or at least an appreciation for her, something that most fans found disrespectful.

Soon, his girlfriend, Diana Marua, also posted a photo with the young girl.

Turns out, Diana had not consulted the baby’s mother Kisha Yvette Obura before posting the photo.

Friends of the baby mama then attacked Diana for the move, calling it rude, disrespectful and insensitive since they didn’t feature the mother anywhere, with some even telling her to pull down the pic.

“This is very wrong using that kid for mileage without the concern of her mom is very sad and unethical @bahatikenya this has to stop if you moved on, Just let kisha be it’s hurting,” read one of the comments from the post.

But Bahati’s girlfriend seems to be going on about her business, as usual, despite all the criticism and talk. She got a new hairdo and now has revealed that she had left Nairobi, to an unknown destination.

Credits: Kiss100


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