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Size 8 defends Bahati From The Backlash after finally revealing his biological daughter

Social media is not a place for the feint hearted. Ask Jimmy Gait and other celebrities who have been bullied and trolled for all manner of reasons. Loved gospel artist Bahati fell victim after he introduced his two year old biological daughter for the first time.

Fans could not understand how Bahati who claims to be saved impregnated a woman two years ago and never said a word about it until now.

To make matters worse he refuted the rumors when they resurfaced in 2015 that he had impregnated a young woman. Not so much now. He has taken full responsibility and whatever the case may be, Bahati seems to be making amends.

Amekuwa Akimficha Wapi!! Singer Bahati introduces his 2 year old biological daughter that no one knew anything about child (Photos)

My first date with Daddy @bahatikenya 😘😘

A post shared by MueniBahati (@mueni_bahati) on

While fans may not be so forgiving, Size 8 has come to his rescue offering much needed words of wisdom.

‘’The most beautiful photo. A father and his child. Love this @bahatikenya beautiful. Mistakes are made but we have a forgiving father our God in heaven. Micah 7:19 he throws our sin far far away as long as we repent. I love what you’ve done bro keep going on keep doing it for Jesus Christ. The beautiful @mueni_bahati.’’ Size 8 posted alongside a photo of the father and daughter.

Prior to the DNA test, Bahati has also been in close communication with Obura, his ex-girlfriend warning her against posting photos of their daughter on social media platforms.

The 23-year-old Obura who is in college is also reportedly mad after Bahati’s current girlfriend Diana Marua posed for photos with the girl and shared them online.

Regardless of what happened earlier, Bahati has vowed to give his daughter Mueni the best life he never had.

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