5 Lessons Every man Should Learn From Zari’s Ex-husband’s Death

Ivan Ssemwanga the ex husband to Zari Hassan is dead!

Ivan was rushed to Steve Biko Hospital Pretoria in South Africa after a heart attack where he was receiving treatment until the date of his demise.

Ivan also known as “The Rich Gang President” was the ex husband to Zarina Hassan alias Zari The Boss Lady through whom they had 3 sons, Pinto, Raphael and Quincy. The two who later parted ways after 12 years of marriage.

I recently found myself thinking about his death and reflecting on the lessons every man should learn from it. I can already foretell a clash between and amongst his surviving relatives who will soon start as they fight over his wealth.

But all this could have been avoided. I am getting ahead of myself so let me get back with the program and let you see the following:

#1. Maintain cordial relations with your exes

Lord only knows that you might need her. Zari was the only one that we saw by his side. And she needed to be there because she was the one taking care of their children after he was taken ill. And she could just as easily kept them away from him.

Zarithe boss

#2. WRITE A WILLWhy don’t African men write a goddamn will?! All this nonsense involving fighting family members fighting can be avoided.And the surviving children spared the grief of having to mourn their father as their relatives argue.
#3. Get a life insurance policy

This is not an ad for some company offering these services. I actually realized just how important it is to financially shield your loved ones from your untimely demise.
#4. Set up businesses

Generating income by working for someone else is well and good but set up something on the side that can provide money for the children who will survive you. Give them something that they can support themselves off.
#5. Involve your mother in your marriage

The women who insist on you throwing your mother to the side simply because you’re an item are just trouble. I found myself wondering why Ivan’s mother wasn’t by his side even as he lay in hospital.

Source: Mpasho


2 comments on “5 Lessons Every man Should Learn From Zari’s Ex-husband’s Death

  1. Lynet Otieno

    I really adored his family,,Ivan,his ex wife zari,,n their three kids,,,they were just amazing,,,take heart zari,,,only Ivan Don loved you sincerely,,,but Diamond no,,,,R.I.P Ivandon,,,


  2. Well summarized…it wouldnt hurt to learn a few things since death has a way of teaching us some hard lessons.


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