Home workouts form the most practical training methods that push yourself to the limits to get it done. The best workouts are the ones that consist of moves that engage larger muscle groups. Achieving all round fitness takes a lot of different types of training to get there. But with enough effort and dedication in incorporating these techniques into your daily workout routines, will indeed make that difference that you seek. With that said here are some fat burning exercises in the comfort of home that will get you to that ideal shape and figure that you so much want. For these workouts incorporated with some much more traditional practices such as drinking Detox tea, which helps boost your body health and metabolism, will get you a step closer to your goal of staying fit and healthy, as well as getting that shape you so much desire.

Resistance Training (Metabolic Resistance Training) Exercises

MRT workouts are intense form the best work out strategies, from building muscles, to torching fat and improving physical fitness, Metabolic Resistance Training enables the achievement of all these aspects at the same time. Exercises incorporated in this workout, include; The Dumbell workout, Resistance Band home workout, as well as the Bodyweight Home Workout. They are indeed the best fat burning exercises at the comfort of your home.

#1. Resistance Band Home Workout

For this exercise, you will need a resistance band for the workout. Resistance bands are widely available at your local supermarkets and store; you can also as well order online from Amazon for instance, and get them delivered right to your doorstep in no time. Resistance bands are indeed one of the best fitness and training equipment, light well as well, meaning that you can take them with you wherever you go. Here are some exercises to do with Resistance bands.

  • Band Front Squat- Take you resistance band and loop it from both your feet, to behind your shoulder, and finally to the front of the neck. With your hands holding the band, comfortably away from your neck, now push your hips back as well as the lower body into a squat and push back up, you get the idea.
  • Band-Resisted Push-ups- Work by wrapping a resistance band around your body, exerting more force, on your muscles thus they have to work harder at the top of the movement. Your muscles are in dynamic tension throughout the exercise thus better results as they constantly have to react and adjust to the force exerted on your body.
  • Band-Resisted Glute Bridge- it is a great and proper movement, for glute activation during hip extension. It helps you, to activate and strengthen your glutes, as well as extend your hips, in the same while, maintaining a braced core.
  • Seated Row- it is the perfect exercise to strengthen your upper back, the shoulder and neck muscles as well. When performing the seat row, it is important to remember always to sit upright this is to avoid injuring your back and also to get the best from this exercise.
  • Reverse Crunch- it’s an effective resistance band homework out exercise that you should most definitely include in your daily routine, and it indeed is a perfect, exercise for your core.

#2. Bodyweight Home Workout

This category forms the easiest of the three resistance training exercises, but modifications can be made to increase the toughness or difficulty of the workout.

  • Bodyweight Squat- It is a leg strengthening exercise that uses only bodyweight as the resistance and is a perfect addition to warm-ups, endurance exercises, as well as is a perfect fit for beginners. When performing bodyweight squats, first bend at the hips, and with the majority of your weight focused on your hips squat down until your knees keep your chest facing outward.
  • Incline Push-up- it is an upper body exercise that targets on the chest, shoulders, and triceps. The incline angle gets more emphasis on the lower chest and also the triceps.
  • Hip Thrust- it is a glute exercise well-tailored for optimal hip tension thus improving your speed, strength, and power.
  • Bird Dog- it is a classic core exercise that puts emphasis on the lower back strength and balance, it may feel awkward at first and difficult to adjust to at first, but it is a staple exercise that you should incorporate into your routine.


#3. Dumbbell Home Workout

Dumbbells bring quite the touch to workouts, as altering the difficulty and toughness to your routines to match your capabilities is an easier task. So if you are looking for a real challenge well, you found it. The Dumbbell workout features the following exercises:

  • Bulgarian Split-Squat- It’s a stance performed with the rare foot on a bench or an elevated object
  • Floor Press- it is an undisputed upper body exercise, pushing those massive weights without undue stress on your shoulders
  • Romanian Deadlift- It is a form of deadlift, in which we get to see that the body is indeed bent at the hips, while the knees, on the other hand, are not bent
  • Renegade Rows- It is a multi-purpose, multi-joint exercise that focuses on increasing strength in the shoulders, the back, triceps, and biceps as well.
  • RKC Plank- It’s an upgrade to traditional planks and one of the best exercises for your core, featuring the ability to crank up the tension on your body making your core muscles work up to four times as they would in a traditional plank



Fat burning exercises at the comfort of home, quite honestly are a relief. This comes in, especially if you are too busy to hit the gym or if you are shy. Whether its over-crowded there, too expensive or you’re just intimidated and want to burn all that fat at the comfort of your home, with the shower just a step away when you end up sweating too much from burning that fat. Home workouts are indeed that perfect fit, they don’t demand much regarding equipment, but they sure are the perfect touch to exercise your core and get you into that perfect shape in no time. From the Dumbell workout to Resistance Band home workout, as well as the Bodyweight Home Workout, they indeed are the best fat burning exercises at the comfort of your home that you should try today.




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