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Paris, ‘The City of Light’

The City of Light, gallantly raising above all, shining its witting charm upon all to behold of its colossal beauty. Time and time again never relenting, never yielding, for the amber of France never loses its charm brightly shining in the face of all else. Whether in rich Fashion, style, and bravura, or, the occasional binding intellectualism, ventriloquism, art and culture, Paris has it all. Every turn breath-taking, every view bewildering for with all that panache in one place what else can one do expect wonder and marvel at such shimmering beauty.

Dinner on the Eiffel Tower

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None across the scathe earth could ever imagine Paris without its bewildering amber today. But Gustave Eiffel made this maverick a reality above all. Elegant and Noble, a signature spire of the ages, constructed as a temporary exhibit for the 1889 world’s fair, but luckily the art-nouveau tower’s popularity quite single handedly assured its survival.  Defiant, resilient, and endlessly romantic, the Eiffel tower falls short of words to describe its shimmering beauty, no matter the number of times you visit, this outstanding maverick never loses its charm.


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Dinner overlooking Paris by night is a sight to behold, at night fall the 58 Tour Eiffel changes its ambience. A hostess welcomes you and accompanies you to your table where softly, the elegant atmosphere gently wraps you in its warmth. Soft lighting and minimalist decorations carefully placed throughout the brasserie, with each design complementing the next, but not too much to upstage the very shimmering beauty of the City of Lights, scintillating beneath your feet. To the inexperienced, the menu flitters of wonder and flamboyance, cuisine after cuisine, a gastronomical heaven all within your grasp, with flavour over everything, and generosity and pleasure, being the deluxe touch of the night.

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