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Baby Bjorn carrier review


Being new to parenthood and all, first few weeks were a struggle, juggling between the baby and work around the house was not easy. Baby Vanessa, on the other hand, didn’t make it any easier. She was very demanding! Always liked being hold close every time, and putting here down for just a minute or two well you know how it goes. But then I made a fabulous discovery ‘the Baby Bjorn Carrier’.  I admit I was a bit sceptical at first, and the fear of it being over hyped! Held me back from trying it out, but until this day, this is one decision am glad I made. And Vanessa once inside is instantly happy, snuggled close to me, while I, on the other hand, have all the freedom, and peace in knowing my baby is close, safe and sound.


Baby Carriers in definition are a comfy pouch on harness arrangement, fantastic in design and the role they play immeasurable. Infants love being snuggled close, whether front facing or on your back, that warm feeling never ceases to light the mood, and the bond grows stronger and stronger. Plus all the hand’s free advantages they bring to the table are one for the ages. With that said, here are some of the things you should consider before buying a baby sling or carrier.

Do you want a front or back carrier?

Front carriers are a preferable solution from birth, well-designed to let you carry baby tightly snuggled to you, with additional features incorporated to provide that head, neck and back support for your child as they grow. Thus it goes without question that safety and comfort here are of primary concern here, while additional features such as hands-free make it all more worthwhile. Shortcomings here is that front carriers have a shorter lifespan; they become uncomfortable to use, as they baby grows older and heavier but on the plus side are much easier to pack.

Back carriers, on the other hand, are suitable for children who can support themselves, and will let you carry your baby until the ages of 3 or 4 years. The fabric used in construction is much tougher, the structure well designed for weight distribution and are an excellent choice for when walking and trekking, and with the additional weight distribution features making carrying your baby a bit heavier baby a whole lot easier and comfier. Conclusively, they have a longer life span as compared to their counterpart, but packing them is a whole lot harder.

Who will use it?

The question here is, “is the carrier meant for only you? Or is it for both you and your partner?” So if it’s just for you, focus on your comfort, weight distribution features and lumbar support options. However, if it’s for both you and your partner, seek for a carrier that has easy adjustment options, fitting your difference in height, size and unisex colours as well.

Will need help to put it on?

Ease and simplicity of use are the concern here. As for front carrier, practice does the trick. It might be a bit hard at first, but it gets easier by the day. Some front carriers in this category, require you first to put the baby inside the pouch and then attach to the carrying harness. Others such as Baby Bjorn also allow you to slot in your child while the pouch is already attached to your carrying harness. Harnesses, on the other hand, come in different models, some might require being put on like a bib, over your head, while others are wrapped around you shoulders, waist or hips, with a fastening on the side to make work easier.

Back carriers, on the other hand, might need help to put on. The rack sack is first placed on the floor, its frame propped up, and then the baby is put in. Then you proceed to do up the harness; then the rucksack is hoisted up to your back. As with any big bags, you might need help hoisting and levelling it with your hips.

How will you use it?

This answers for when, where and how you will use. Is it just for a more in-house purpose while getting things done? Or is it for long walks, hiking or trekking. And do you need additional storage for things like keys, purse or change of clothes? If the carrier is for a more in-house purpose like putting the baby to sleep or going to the shop, then go for a less bulky carrier option that is also easy to pack away. But if it’s about trekking, weight and lumber support become an important consideration, additional features such as cooling fabrics and rain covers, coming in handy, especially for longer trips.

When will you start using it?

Your carrier of choice should put into consideration of when you’re to start using. Do you plan to start using it from birth, or perhaps it’s when your toddler is a bit older. Most front carriers are an excellent choice for using with your baby from birth to about 3 to 5 months. They come Bundled with useful accessories such as bibs and head support cushions providing that extra care and support for your delicate one.

For Back carriers, on the other hand, they are suitable when your baby is a bit developed, usually six months and above, for within this period the baby’s neck and back are well developed enough for them to sit up.

How long do you plan to use it?

Baby carriers are mostly designed with different age groups in mind. Thus it is highly recommended for you to check the maximum and minimum settings before making purchases. Front carriers are meant for younger babies and as children grow older and heavier the carrier start getting uncomfortable thus their period of relevance tends to go up to five months.

Back carriers, on the other hand, have a more rigid design, with their fabric well made for balancing heavier weights and providing additional support. Their life span in comfortable use tends to go for years. Alternatively, some carriers support to use both when the baby is small and when he grows a bit bigger as well. Multi-way carriers have well-established prominence in this section, although it’s worth noting that they are not as effective in carrying heavier weights as structured back carriers.


Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier is sleek in design, comfortable, brilliantly simple to use, and a favourite among mums and dads worldwide. The secret being the fantastic design feature that is a sight to behold and brings joy when wearing it. In the Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier, your child is safe and sound, snuggled close to you, while your hands are free. With the Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier, you get excellent support for you baby’s head and back, and it also guarantees that the baby’s arms and legs are in a physiologically correct position. The baby carrier comes with a fleece cover for keeping your child warm and dry, practical teething pads for protecting the baby carrier and soft waterproof bibs for your baby. During the first months (from birth to 4 months), the front carry position is the sweet sport, with the baby facing inwards, plus ample neck support all of which makes you smile and keeps baby happy. But once the baby gets older and the weight increases as well, a good example being when baby grows over 20 lbs, many parents have expressed the feeling that Baby Bjorn start becoming uncomfortable especially when it is worn for extended periods of time and is most likely to cause neck, shoulder, and back pains. The Ergobaby Four Position 360 original carrier, for the previous years, has been considered the ideal standard especially for older babies, and quite the rival for this is where Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier falls short.


  • The Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier has an excellent quality build neat and compact made from 100% cotton
  • The Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier is very easy to use, and the design is comfortable for both baby and parent
  • The carrier is machine washable which is a huge plus
  • The Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier quickly puts baby to sleep, and the two-piece solution makes it even much easier to put baby to bed once asleep



  • The Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier becomes uncomfortable especially when worn for longer periods of time as baby gets older and heavier
  • It does not allow for carrying in all positions only the front facing and back
  • The carrier proves useful only for the first five months. After that, the carrier gets heavier on the shoulder. And uncomfortable to use
  • Susceptible to causing neck. Shoulder and back problems with as the baby gets heavier (20 lbs and above)


Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier is small and very easy to use

Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier excellent design makes it very simple to put on or take off the carrier without the needing assistance or help. This feature comes in handy especially in putting your baby to bed, when they fall asleep in the carrier. You just unfasten the side buckles, releasing the front pack from the carrier, all without waking baby.

It is perfectly designed for newborns

The Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier is designed with the little ones in mind, well-made to fit your child from birth without the requirement of anything else such as an infant insert. It is firm and has adjustable head and neck support to keep baby safe and secure, while the legs and hips are in an ergonomic position recommended by paediatricians, allowing for free movement, development of muscles and motor skills.

Sturdy, all-important head support

Good, well-designed head support is crucial for baby’s head especially for the first five months since at this age and time the baby’s head weighs almost a third of their entire body weight. The support is adjustable to provide the child with the right head and neck support.

2-way front facing options

The Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier is designed to give you an option of carrying baby facing inward or outward. It is however advised that you carry your child facing you for the first five months. And one the neck, back and hips are fully developed, you can now carry you baby with both options.

The Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier is very Comfortable and Secure

Thanks to the size adjustment buckle incorporated in the design, enabling you to adjust the carrier according to how you best see fit. The head support, on the other hand, can be folded down as the child grows older providing an option in carrying the baby in an outwards facing option. It only takes a few buckles to fasten your child. The color-coded buckles have a safety click that will ensure that you have fixed the carrier correctly. The shoulder straps, on the other hand, distribute weight evenly, so that it provides a great comfortable experience while enjoying the warmth of your baby.

Child-friendly safe tested material (Fabrics)

Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier is designed with the safety of your child in mind. From the baby’s delicate and to the tested and completely harmless material safe to taste or chew. These fabrics are Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 approved, containing no health hazard substances and safe for baby products.


BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One

The BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One is an excellent piece ergonomically designed to provide quite the satisfying comfort, with four baby carrying positions available for you. It is strong and durable especially for those who want to vary the carrying the positions for long durations. The BABYBJORN baby carrier one comes equipped with a padded, sturdy waist belt, and form-fitted shoulder straps, that make carrying your baby from newborn to the age of three comfortable and easy. The waistbelt also provides additional support on your hips, to prevent you from suffering from back pains and shoulder discomforts. Click here to check out this amazing product.

BABYBJORN Baby Miracle Carrier

The BABYBJORN Baby Miracle Carrier is well-design, with an ergonomic touch to provide excellent support making the entire experience worthwhile, and baby comfortable, safe and sound. The BABYBJORN Baby Miracle Carrier unique design with belt support and varying pressure positions make carrying the baby even more comfortable thanks to the excellent ergonomics, with easy to make adjustments redistributing the weight of your child evenly thus making it a whole lot easier. BABYBJORN Baby Miracle Carrier is indeed well designed to safely grow with your baby up to 15 months of age and two front facing positions in carrying your child. The fabrics are Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 approved, thus safe for your baby and additionally, the BABYBJORN Baby Miracle Carrier is machine washable, and that’s a huge plus. Click here to check out this product.

Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions

The Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions ergonomic baby carrier offering you and your comfort thanks to the all carry position features. It is unique and well-structured to keep baby ergonomically seated in all carrying positions i.e. the front-outward and inward, as well as the hips and back. Additional features include the extendable back panel that can be folded or unfolded depending on your demands and baby’s age, while the padded waistband is designed to add maximum comfort, while also providing you with the need support for a health poster in preventing lower back pain injuries. It is strong, durable and long lasting too, ensuring that it serves you well in all the years to come and with multiple babies, Incorporated is certified baby-safe materials. It is machine washable and made from a 100% cotton.  Click here to check out this product.


Being new to parenthood is not all white and black, many can tell of the struggle in keeping up appearances and juggling between work and the baby around the house is not easy, thus doing anything else other than spending time with the baby becomes a nightmare. The Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier is sleek, comfortable, brilliantly simple to use and indeed a great favourite of mine, and has worked miracles for me. From the great ergonomic design, with excellent support for you baby’s head and back, and also ensures that the baby’s arms and legs are in a physiologically correct position. To the front carrying position, giving you an option of carrying baby facing outward or inward which is a sweet spot of mine and my baby loves this position. All concurrently providing hands-free advantages, allowing you to perform other tasks freely and without much concern for your baby will be within eyesight at all times. Click here to check out this product.







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